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Give a future and hope to the children in the slums of India

Love Linn Foundation is a foundation founded by the family Torebring as a tribute to their deceased daughter Linn who suffered from a severe illness from the age of eight. Linn had a special love for India, she loved the people and the children. Read more about Linn

Our vision is to gather resources for the children in India and start schools in their areas with roughly a 100 students in each school. In that way we could give the children an education, food and a hope for a better life.


Help us to start new schools in the slum areas of India

Every school we start in the slums is first and foremost for the children who are outcasts. Children who are situated outside the indian cast system and therefore they are already from birth domed to poverty and misery.  Many of the children are homeless and even some of the parents. Almost all come from difficult situations were they start working from a young age and they carry huge responsibility at home.

We want with to give these children a better future with the help of our schools. By giving the children education, cloth and food we hope that we can ignite a flame of hope. With the education they receive by the school they can continue to study and get another shoot at life.

Every school we build have counter the local area a high standard and can hold up to 100 students. We employ 3 teachers to these 100 students who get a respectable sallary. We constantly controll to follow up on the standards both in the buildings and the education.

Our goal

  • Food and education to children in the slums of Delhi
  • To start  schools with 100 students
  • To give the children a chance to a worthy life

Meet three of our wonderful students


– “In the future I want to serve my country”

KRISHNA, 14 years old
“In my family, my mom is a house wife and takes care of all the kids while my father works as a chef. Here at the school we get an education, food and they provide us with school uniforms. In the future I want to serve my country. My dad always encourages me to study, he says that I have a talent in reading. Here I get the chance to develop my talent”


– “I have promised my father to study hard”

HIMANSHU, 14 years old
“I am the oldest brother of four sisters. It is hard at home. My father has been ill for a longer time now and therefore cannot deposit his salary.  All of us live together in a small rented room. I have promised my father to study hard so that I can help support the family. My dream is to one day become a doctor so that I can help sick people and prevent the spreading of diseases.”


 – “I have never attended school before”

BARKAT ALI, 10 years old
“My mom died when I was three years old and my father remarried. He never contacts me and that makes me sad. I work at my uncle’s family business and I sew in the evenings. I have never attended school before this.  Now I get to learn both how to read and how to write. After school I usually borrow a bike and ride around. I like to ride the bike!”

50 Euro gives 10 children education

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