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To run a school of 100 students will cost 600 Euro a month. So if you give 10 Euro a month it will give two children school uniform, education and food. If you give 60 Euro a month you will contribute to 10 students to school uniform, education and food. It is also possible to give a one time donation.

Help us to start new schools in the slum areas of India

Every school we start in the slums is first and foremost for the children who are outcasts. Children who are situated outside the indian cast system and therefore they are already from birth domed to poverty and misery.  Many of the children are homeless and even some of the parents. Almost all come from difficult situations were they start working from a young age and they carry huge responsibility at home.

We want with to give these children a better future with the help of our schools. By giving the children education, cloth and food we hope that we can ignite a flame of hope. With the education they receive by the school they can continue to study and get another shoot at life.

Every school we build have counter the local area a high standard and can hold up to 100 students. We employ 3 teachers to these 100 students who get a respectable sallary. We constantly controll to follow up on the standards both in the buildings and the education.

Our goal

  • Food and education to children in the slums of Delhi
  • To start  schools with 100 students
  • To give the children a chance to a wothy life

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