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Fantastic, unique & loving

Linn Torebring was born October 28th, 1984. She was a very special young woman who devoted her life to Jesus. Even as a child she had a passion for leading people to Christ. She was always eager to share her love for Jesus to her neighbours, friends and even people she met during vacation.

She suffered from a severe illness from the age of eight. This illness worsened her last two years alive. Despite her illness and her suffering she remained faithful to God and active in the church. She preached and led her prayer group every week. She wrote three books about self-esteem, dreams and having a relationship with Jesus.

Linn´s life became a strong testimony about how a young woman who lived her life on this earth for the sake of the heavens. Her memory lives on, not only through her family and the heart of the church but also through Love Linn foundation that was started in her memory. Since Linn loved India so dearly we want to gather resources for the children in need.

50 Euro gives 10 children education

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